Autumn Nature Retreat

The summer is coming to a close and we’re about to transition into autumn. The vibrant energy collected in the summer months is offered to us with an abundance of fruits, nuts and seeds. Nature is starting to let go of the things it no longer needs. For us too, autumn is a time of transformation and surrender. It is a time to assess what we have experienced and accumulated this year. It is a time where we surrender to the storms raging inside of us, allowing our inner world to become more expansive and preparing for the stillness that the winter naturally brings.

We are offering a 6-day nature retreat to facilitate this inner exploration, right on the edge of the magical forests of Southern Germany. We will camp together on our own secluded piece of land and with a daily program assist you in finding your way to your natural peaceful state.

By being so deeply immersed in nature during autumn, it will support you to let go of the things you no longer need. In this state of surrender, a transparency to your true nature will come forth, where there is no filter between you and your surroundings. You will leave with a deepened awareness of your natural state, freed from unnecessary tensions and behaviours that no longer serve you.

Re-wilding Retreat Norway Edition

Being in nature, among all the sources of life. Among the trees, the clear waters, the beautiful mountains and open sky. That is where letting go of all thoughts happens naturally, making you more present, and from there, a softness and a lightness emerges by itself. A transparency to your true nature comes forth, where there is no filter between you and the existence itself.
Tickets for Norway Edition > 27th june- 3rd july:

A little tast of the program

Chanting mantras; around the rire.

Dancing ecstatically: under the moon.

Cleanse your spirit; in the wild drinkeble river and lakes.

Eat organic food, cooked on the fire.

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